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The Backyard is a unique creative campus where music, entertainment, work, and technology converge with the highly desirable physical location, nature, history, and culture of Central Texas.
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The recent Bee Cave Comprehensive Plan introduced character overlays to the City of Bee Cave; one of which is the Recreation and Entertainment District. Sitting in the center of this District is the Backyard. The Backyard is legendary as one of the most popular intimate outdoor entertainment venues in the Country. It is now undergoing a rebirth into a world-class amphitheater anchoring a creative-focused mixed-use development. In addition to popular music from all genres, the Backyard will now support the symphony, opera, ballet and theater. This beautiful campus facility will energize the Entertainment District and create an artistic center in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The following are links to PDFs of the Backyard and City’s Comprehensive Plans, describing each aspect of this grand vision, and highlighting the creative journey already underway.