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The Backyard is a unique creative campus where music, entertainment, work, and technology converge with the highly desirable physical location, nature, history, and culture of Central Texas.
Backyard, Bee Cave, Texas, Music,
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The Backyard is a visionary Creative Business Campus that mixes Austin’s Hill Country soul with unparalleled techno-luxury and amenities. An ultra-modern reflection of the natural beauty surrounding them, the Class A Office buildings invite the outside in through integrated employee-centered Green Flex spaces, creating a truly unique and vibrant work experience. But that’s just the beginning. The Backyard also boasts cutting-edge onsite data centers securely powered by a self-sustaining microgrid, an onsite hotel, gardens and running paths, world-class music and events venues, and a visionary 360° approach to environmental stewardship. The Backyard is a next-generation business environment that will become home to the leading companies of the Silicon Hills.


There’s no question – The Backyard is the new standard…the very hub of what’s next.

Invisible airwaves crackle with life. Bright antennae bristle with the energy.




The Backyard offers a total of six Class-A office buildings. Four of these buildings comprise the very heart of the site and each offer between 17,585 sf and 18,570 sf of usable floor space. The other two offerings are integrated into the parking garage structures, providing convenience, views, and proximity to the music and events venues. They provide two non-contiguous levels with an average of 21,000 sf of usable floor space at each level. Add to this the impressive area amenities within minutes of the the site and it’s clear that The Backyard has a solution that fits your company’s needs – no matter the scale.

  • 6 three-level Class A office buildings with a total area of 334,800 sf
  • 1,400+ covered parking spaces
  • 210 surface parking spaces
  • On-site hiking, with designated areas for picnicking and outdoor meetings

For leasing information please contact Newmark Grubb Knight Frank:

JOSHUA LAFICO | 512.329.2782 |

JESSE WEBER | 512.329.2782 |




The Data Centers at The Backyard are Tier 3 State-of-the-Art facilities with the newest generation control and support technology and infrastructure. Co-generation from The Backyard Microgrid will also ensure that the facility is not only self-sustaining, but also fits with the visionary approach to environmental stewardship across the entire development.

  • Tier 3 facilities
  • Dedicated on-site microgrid power
  • Secure and self-sustainable




The Backyard Microgrid serves as the primary source of energy for the entire campus and is at the heart of sustainability efforts across the project. Energy for the campus is produced in the Distributed Energy Center (DEC) on a 24/7 basis and distributed to the various buildings, venues, and facilities through electrical, hot and chilled water loops. These loops are placed underground, connecting the DEC to all tenants and users at The Backyard. Energy for the Microgrid is sourced from a combination of Austin Energy, on-site gas-fired generators, fuel cells, and harvesting of the exhaust heat from the generators themselves to produce hot and chilled water to be used for environmental controls and culinary purposes.

  • 24 MW of electricity
  • Chilled and hot water
  • Ultra-quiet utility plant
  • World class control room
  • Energy focused education platform
  • Lecture and classroom space




Intense thought and design went into each and every facet of site planning for The Backyard campus. From the Hill Country material palettes and integrated greenery across the various buildings and structures, to the Green Flex spaces, wet ponds, and the Hilltop Gardens, to the performance and events venues, to the advanced ECO-Technology woven into the heart of the project – The Backyard is a truly incomparable Creative Business Campus that will set a new standard for what business can be in the Silicon Hills.

  • The Backyard
  • West Campus
  • East Campus
Office D
  • Building footprint: 17,500 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Average usable area per floor: 17,940 sf
  • Gross building area: 60,969 sf


Office E

  • Building footprint: 19,600 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Average usable area per floor: 18,570 sf
  • Gross building area: 64,473 sf


Office F

  • Building footprint: 18,500 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Average usable area per floor: 17,585 sf
  • Gross building area: 60,894 sf


Office G

  • Building footprint: 18,200 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Average usable area per floor: 17,700 sf
  • Gross building area: 60,719 sf
Offices H & I
  • Building footprint: 66,000 sf
  • Number of levels: 2 (non-contiguous floors of office)
  • Average usable area per floor: 21,400 sf
  • Gross building area: 42,800 sf (excluding parking area)
  • Integrated parking component to serve offices, music venue, and Central Park users
  • Green screen building exterior planted with evergreen vines


Parking H/I

  • Building footprint: 17,500 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Average usable area per floor: 17,940 sf
  • Gross building area: 60,969 sf


Distributed Energy Center

  • Building footprint: 19,600 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Average usable area per floor: 18,570 sf
  • Gross building area: 64,473 sf
Office A
  • Building footprint: 14,725 sf
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Gross building area: 31,623 sf


Office B

  • Building footprint: 13,574 sf
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Gross building area: 30,924 sf


Office C

  • Building footprint: 16,165 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Gross building area: 57,965 sf


Office D

  • Building footprint: 16,925 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Gross building area: 58,298 sf


Office E

  • Building footprint: 13,320 sf
  • Number of levels: 3
  • Gross building area: 58,525 sf



  • Live Oak Amphitheater (national acts)
  • The Glenn (local acts)
  • Picnic tables & volleyball courts
  • Nelson Hotel
  • Parks, gardens, and running paths
  • Green roof & hilltop garden access
  • Class A office buildings
  • Structured and surface parking
  • Parking garages with integrated offices
  • Data centers
  • Distributed energy center
  • Wet ponds
  • Internal trails & open space