The Backyard | Eco
The Backyard is a unique creative campus where music, entertainment, work, and technology converge with the highly desirable physical location, nature, history, and culture of Central Texas.
Backyard, Bee Cave, Texas, Music,
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The Backyard has taken into consideration the rapid changes to the environment around us, and has pledged to the green initiative. Using cutting edge techniques to help sustain the unique environment upon which it is set, the Backyard will serve as a testament to the necessity of green practices and set an example for creating an atmosphere of change and success.

This land was made for you and me.




The Backyard Microgrid, or Distributed Energy Center (DEC), achieves over 90% combined efficiency rating versus the 30-40% achieved in conventional projects utilizing electrical power from the grid and standard heating and cooling methods. The DEC’s natural gas-powered microturbines generate electricity along with byproducts of both chilled and heated water. This is accomplished by capturing the waste heat from the microturbines and using it to directly produce hot water, while diverting that same heat to absorption chillers which generate chilled water for cooling needs. These valuable, renewable byproducts of this electrical generation then serve to provide hot water and cooling for all the buildings across the campus. With this visionary approach, true utility emissions for the campus will be amongst the lowest in the United States, making The Backyard an Eco-leader in limiting the impact of Global Warming.




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  • Integrated with The Nelson hotel
  • Publicly accessible
  • A serene, natural escape




Take some time to walk the trails of The Backyard Garden and learn about the vast environmental resources The Backyard showcases. In partnership with national and local programs (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Schoolyard Habitat Project, Travis County Master Gardener Association, Austin Grow Local Program, etc.) The Backyard is committed on enriching everyone’s knowledge on land, food and water conservation.

  • Integrated 2.5 acre garden classroom
  • Conservation teaching program
  • Permaculture teaching program
  • Health awareness and educational entertainment
  • Community teaching habitat and garden